What Baby Really Needs

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Baby. Cute little happiness. Baby refers to a newly born child. Aside from that, it also refers to a child under four years old since birth. Have you ever seen a baby before? I bet you did. I mean, it’s weird if someone really never has seen a baby. I’d say babies are delicate human beings. What about you? Well, enough about that. Now, on our main topic. Do you know what a baby really needs? I hope it doesn’t surprise you but babies require more than just providing the daily needs. There is much more than just buying things for them. Because let’s admit it, humans need love, affection and support. Let’s learn more about what a baby really needs?  

love - What Baby Really Needs


Firstly, love. Who really doesn’t need love? All living things need some form of love. Love is fundamental in human interactions. Moreover, in the first stage of life, babies really do require the parents’ love and affection. There are findings about babies deprived of love in 6 months after birth. It illustrates psychological damage to the baby when growing up. Beside that, the lack of love towards the baby decelerates their growth mechanisms. For example, the human growth hormone slows down when there’s a lack of human love. In addition, a baby born without love, emotional warmth, and responsiveness affects the brain severely. However, if the child’s environment changes, the development of cognitive functions also progresses.


Secondly, food is the basic necessity for a baby. Great parents provide the best and healthiest for their baby. Just like any human being any babies would definitely need food. To be logical, a baby wouldn’t survive if the mother doesn’t feed the baby with milk. As for babies, the food that they need are essentially milks. Be it breastfeed milk or formula milk. For the first few weeks after birth all babies need milk. As the baby grew up, they began to eat baby’s formula food. Additionally, food is probably the most important thing for babies. Studies show that sufficient nutrients are crucial for infants and children. In order to develop the child’s fullest potential, the parents must ensure that the baby is getting sufficient nutrients from their foods. No parents would want their child to be malnourished.


Thirdly, a baby would need clothes. The main functions of clothes are to cover our skins and from the outside threat of bad unseen bacteria. Again, just like any human being, a  baby needs clothes too. Depending on the world region, each baby requires different sets of clothing. For example, people living in the snowy regions such as Greenland, Iceland, and Russia will need thicker baby clothes as compared to the tropics. One tip for shopping for baby clothes is don’t buy too many clothes. The reason is because babies grow fast. Hence, mothers might want to buy different sizes of clothing for a one-year baby. This will tremendously help the mother to see which clothing months are the baby in. Mothers need to protect the baby from insect bites, mosquitoes, sunlight, rain, snow by providing comfy and conventional clothes. For more check out post-natal physiotherapy program Malaysia.   

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