The Advantages of Fiber For The Pros.

The evolution of the Internet and fiber optics is improving the way you communicate and work. The latter allows everyone to have a very high speed Internet, but it also provides other advantages. How can it benefit the pros?

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What is optical fiber?

Optical fiber is a glass fiber, which conducts signal light between two places 100 km away, without relays. Fiber Optic lets you download videos, send large files, and watch high definition TV all at the same time 10 times faster.

Optical fiber versus ADSL

  • Speed ​​of downloading and sending files up to 200 Mbps / s, with a smooth connection, without signal loss.
  • Integration with new technologies and multiple uses requiring significant resources.
  • Adaptation to any type of environment, because the risk of damage is almost zero.
  • Resistance to corrosion and high frequency heating.
  • Immunization against lightning, since it does not conduct any electricity.

The advantages of fiber optics for professionals

IT equipment to work comfortably is expensive for businesses. With optical fiber, this constraint is resolved. This technology allows you to multitask, with a minimum of equipment. So you can process files and data efficiently and much faster than with ADSL.

Faced with the growing appearance of new technologies, you need a certain level of performance in Internet speeds for their use to be comfortable. Fiber optics can meet the needs of changes that are undergoing gradually. For example, working in the Cloud would be more comfortable with optical fiber.

Knowing that the depreciation rate of optical fibers is 20 years, tm unifi pakej has the profitability of the activities varying from 2 to 5 years. It can be said that it is a reliable investment, in the long term. Thus, optical fiber allows professionals to rapidly develop their activities, taking advantage of the advantages that it can offer.

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