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Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

The following list of sheet metal methods is useful for both experts and beginners, whether you’ve worked in a sheet metal fabrication Malaysia industry for decades or are just learning the ropes.

From start to finish, this article explains standard sheet metal manufacturing processes.

Assembling: Welding, adhesive binding, and bending in the form of a crimped seam are all used in this procedure.

Bending: This process uses hammering or press brakes.

Blanking: A method of cutting a component out of sheet metal and discarding the material that surrounds it.

Cutting: Sawing, shearing, or slicing using manual and power tools, or torching with portable plasma torches utilising CNC cutters like lasers

Die cutting: A method of cutting metal objects without the creation of chips or the use of burning or melting.

Fastening: In situations where the sheet metal is too thin to be fastened by conventional ways, this method is used by self-clinching tools such as nuts, studs, spacers, access hardware, or cable tie mounts and hooks to provide torque resistance.

Finishing: A method of altering the surface of a finished metal project to obtain a desired attribute, such as better appearance, adhesion or wettability, solderability, corrosion, tarnish chemical, or wear resistance, hardness, electrical conductivity, surface friction control, and blemish removal.

Galvanizing: The application of a protective zinc coating on steel or iron to keep it from rusting.

Glazing: A technique in which two metals glide against one other to form a shining, wear-resistant oxide coating.

Hydroforming: A forming and manufacturing technique that employs a specific sort of die moulding to shape metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and brass using a highly pressured fluid.

Metal punching: A procedure in which sheet metal is punched with holes, louvres, or a predefined shape using metal fabrication equipment.

Milling: A method of removing material from a metal item by advancing rotary cutters in a direction that is at an angle to the tool’s axis.

Oxy acetylene welding: A method in which an adjustable torch and a tank of oxygen and acetylene are combined to produce a precise, controlled flame that is used to heat metal.

Roll forming: A constant bending process in which sheet metal, coil, bar, or strips of metal pass through rolls that form the metal

Shrinking: A process to remove small dents in which the direct damage isn’t severely stretched or torn and the hardness of the buckles isn’t severe

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4 Ways Technologies Changed Our Lives

Technology has transformed our environment and our everyday lives throughout the years. Furthermore, aging technology has developed incredible tools and resources, placing important knowledge at our fingertips. Multi-functional gadgets such as the wristwatch and smartphone have been made possible by modern technology. Computers are becoming quicker, more portable, and more powerful than ever. It makes everything easier, better and more fun!

tech - 4 Ways Technologies Changed Our Lives

There are 4 ways the technologies have changed our lives positively:

Improve the way of communication

People may stay linked in a worldwide society by using bird messages and smoke signals, as well as the quicker, more efficient, more effective, and more global system of email, phone conversations, and app messaging.

Technologies have helped us to communicate in various and faster ways. Back then, yes, you could call your family and friends who lived far away from you but with technology development, you get to see their faces through video calls. You can communicate through phone calls, text messages and also by posting anything on social media.

Variety in education

Previously, what you learn in school and at home are the only things that you will know. With the help of technology, you are now able to add more general knowledge from the internet. Not only that, you will be exposed to each angle of the world and help to improve even with small gestures such as posting it on your Instagram.

Not only that, college students have been allowed to attend online programs for many years, but technology has made it much simpler. Even younger students may benefit from online lessons, and they can do so more efficiently by using technologies such as video chats and recorded films that they can watch at their leisure. It’s simple to see how education may shift from the classroom to the internet even more in the future.

Changes in lifestyle

If the current way of life could be described in a single word, it would have to be “convenience”. We have been growing up with the idea of buying things at the store but now with technology such as the internet and digital software, we can start buying things through online shopping. Just a few clicks on your phone and it arrives right in front of your doorstep. Not only clothes, kitchenware, books and gadgets but you also can start buying groceries online. There are a lot of fresh grocery delivery Malaysia that you can choose from and get it right away after you have ordered.

Technologies also have taught you to do virtual meetings, video calls, booking flight tickets and also travel the world in simple steps. It really is making our lives much easier than it already is.

Development in transportation

While it is still possible to walk to most areas on Earth, the invention of trains, buses, automobiles, aircraft, speed boats, and other modes of transportation has enabled people to get to and from their desired location in considerably less time. Before there were public transports such as busses, trains and cabs, people would commute from one place to another by walking or bike because back then, not everyone could afford buying a car or even to pay for the fares.

Busses, trains and airplanes will not only help you to travel in a shorter period of time but are actually way cheaper. In Malaysia, bus and train fares for travelling in the same state will only cost you less than RM50 depending on where you go.

The technologies really are making our lives easier day by day.