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A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Adult Toys

When the vibrator went off, it was Sex toys are fantastic for everyone, whether they’re in a relationship or on their own. But playing with those toys has a less enjoyable (though no less vital!) side: caring for them. Because they’re fantastic for you and your sex life, you’ll want to take good care of them so you may use them again and again (and again).

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Begin with a High-Quality Product as a Foundation

The time to be frugal in your sex life (and with things that go in or around your vagina) has passed. The quality of new toys can last a long time. It’s possible that a low-cost toy purchased from an unknown retailer would break rapidly. It doesn’t, however, imply that all of your gadgets will be extremely expensive. A little bullet vibrator, for example, can be both dependable and economical even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. The bottom line is: You get what you pay for. “Some consumers choose to invest more money upfront on a product that they know will last for several years.” Other others would rather save money by only replacing their toys on a regular basis. Find yourself shopping in a vibrator store in Malaysia.

Remove the stains by washing them off

Taking care of your sex toys should always be done in a hygienic manner. In the absence of thorough cleaning and drying, bacteria might flourish, according to Bartling. As long as the manufacturer’s instructions don’t state differently, cleaning them with gentle antibacterial soap and water before and after each use is a good idea. To prevent lint or residue from other objects sticking to your toys, air drying is the best option.

Make Use of the Correct Lubricant

When it comes to some sex toys, lube is always suggested, but selecting the appropriate kind is critical. According to Bartling, silicone lubricant is wonderful because it’s latex friendly, but silicone toys can melt when it’s used on them. If you’re using silicone toys, stick to water-based lubricants. According to him, glycerin (eek, yeast infection central) and parabens, both of which are common ingredients in lubricants, should be avoided because they could disrupt your hormones.

Don’t Share Too Much Information

If you’re using your sex toys with a partner, you may be sharing them with them. The cleaning procedure becomes even more critical in this situation. “If it’s not cleaned and shared correctly, numerous STDs can spread. Do not give someone else your old toy without first sterilizing it. Only select toys can be washed in boiling water or on the top rack of the dishwasher, so use caution if you’re considering this option. Toys containing mechanical/electrical parts should avoid using these methods, as they are dangerous. The mainline is that the same guidelines of safe sex apply whether you’re sharing a toy with a male or female partner. You should put a condom on the toy if you’re concerned about STDs; nevertheless, use a new condom before trading.