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TIME fiber, for its part, is a packaged offer for businesses. It is a fiber solution with an asymmetrical flow and above all a guaranteed flow.  The main advantages of these offers are the quality of service and above all the commitments provided by the operator. Subscribing to a dedicated fiber allows you to benefit from a recovery time guarantee in the event of an incident. 

This is a very important point for companies because it allows you to define upstream the maximum time of Internet malfunction according to the needs of your business. In addition, the dedicated professional fiber offers to guarantee more security and flexibility according to your needs. Of course, who says high-end service means high price. Dedicated fiber represents a significant investment for your business, but can be essential for the smooth running of your business. You can now get more info at

TIME fiber

TIME fiber is an alternative solution. It is intended for companies who do not wish to pay a high price for a dedicated fiber or whose activity does not completely depend on their Internet connection. Unlike dedicated fiber, this solution is shared and has asymmetric and unsecured throughput. So what is the point of TIME fiber? Unlike fiber intended for individuals, it offers high availability rates and a better level of support with the guaranteed recovery of activity generally of 24 hours. Its price is also an important argument because it is much more affordable than that of dedicated fiber. However, choosing this type of solution means taking the risk of finding yourself faced with a fiber saturated by one or more neighbors whose internet consumption is particularly greedy. If your activity depends on your E-commerce site, for example, you cannot afford to take such a risk.

Identify your needs to choose the best business internet access offer

The challenge is therefore to understand and correctly identify your business internet access needs. To be sure to make the right choice, it is essential to take several criteria into account:

  • How many users on my bandwidth?
  • What speed is necessary for the proper functioning of my activity?
  • How long can my business be without the internet?
  • Do my employees work with sensitive data?

Call on your IT service provider to help you ask the right questions and, above all, to direct you to the business internet access solution that is best suited to your activity and your challenges. 

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