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How to Use a Feeding Pillow

Pregnancy is just half of the tale; it is more of a training ground for parenthood. Breastfeeding will be one of the most difficult experiences you will have after your birth. While some moms are lucky to enjoy a trouble-free nursing experience, many others do not. Breastfeeding may be difficult for both you and your baby until you find your groove. This may take 4-6 weeks, and a feeding cushion can make the process easier.

- How to Use a Feeding Pillow

What Is the Best Way to Use a Feeding Pillow?

Step 1: If you have a feeding cushion with a clasp, insert it sideways so you can easily secure the clasp.

Step 2: Raise it to the level of your breasts so the baby doesn’t have to fight to acquire a proper latch on the nipple.

Step 3: If you think the baby will find it easier to feed if you lean a bit to the back, do so.

Step 4: Due to the weight of the infant, a feeding cushion will sink somewhat. If your infant is having trouble latching onto your breast due to the sinking, you may put ordinary cushions beneath between the pillow and your legs.

Step 5: Swaddle the infant or reposition his/her head for a proper latch with your free hands.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Nursing Pillow?

Breastfeeding while sitting: Many moms choose to nurse their infants while sitting. It offers a solid latching support system for the infant, allowing them easy access to the nipple.

Reduced Body Pain: One of the adverse affects of the nursing learning curve is an aching back and neck. This occurs because you must lift your infant to your chest during feeding time. A feeding cushion removes the necessity for slouching or bending excessively.

A Baby Feeding Pillow Has an Advantage Over Conventional Pillows: A baby feeding pillow often comes with latches to assist tie it to your body. Some contain pockets, which might be useful if you are nursing and have limited movement.

Improved Baby Position: The majority of feeding pillows provide an elevated platform for the baby’s head. This not only aids good latching but also decreases reflux movement.

Multi-Use: A breastfeeding pillow may be used for tummy time as well as to prop up your child.

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Dads Can Use It: Who says males can’t assist with child-rearing? A nursing cushion may be a big help for parents who wish to bottle feed their newborns.

Pregnant Use: These pillows are adaptable enough to be used as pregnancy pillows before the baby is even born.

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