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What are Dildos & How to Use Them?

What is a Dildo? 

For first-timers, dildos may sound unfamiliar and foreign. However, before knowing how to use one, get to know what it is. Dildos are sex toys that are can be inserted into the mouth, anus, or vagina. Most dildos are made in shapes to feel and look like a penis. However, not all dildos don’t look like penises. Dildos are made of different types of materials, sizes, and shapes. Not all dildos are shaped as penises since some are curved in shape so that they could prod and hit the prostate or g-spot. The variety of dildos ranges from dildos that look like penises with testicles, dildos that are to be strapped on the sip with a harness, double-sided dildos to be used by two partners at the same time, vibrating dildos and, dildos made of glass or metal. Interested in purchasing Secret Cherry best selling dildo malaysia, look up the variation of dildos to choose from. 

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Why Do People Like and Purchase Dildos? 

Dildos are known to be used by individuals, regardless of their genders and sexualities. While most people regard dildos as only sex toys, they can actually be considered to have a medical purpose. There are sexual medical experts who suggest the usage of certain dildos to be used as a form of therapy for vaginismus, or pelvic floor muscle spasms. When it comes down to sex, dildos supply internal stimulation for the g-spot, prostate or other parts of the anus and vagina, that stimulates arousal physically and physiologically.

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The Differences Between Dildos and Vibrators

Both dildos and vibrators are sex toys. There are similarities between the function of a dildo and vibrators. The main difference between these two sex toys is that not all dildos can vibrate when inserted into the anus or vagina, as compared to a vibrator. 

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How to Use A Dildo Safely?

If you are trying out a dildo for the first time, there are several things that you need to take into account, to avoid an uncomfortable and unsafe experience. Firstly, try out with a small-sized circumference dildo, and then slowly proceed to bigger-sized dildos when deemed ready. Second, try to use dildos made of body-safe silicone and use more lubricant. If you are using the dildos with multiple partners, put a condom on the dildo. If you feel irritation or pain while using a dildo, stop and rest. Last but not least, make sure to always wash the dildo, after each usage. When washing the dildo, use mild soap and warm water. For more information, click here

Pigeon baby products

What Kind of Baby Wipes You Would Choose Now?

When it comes to changing diapers, many parents choose cleaning wipes to cloth diapers because of their convenience. How do you choose the most appropriate wipe for your baby? Here are some suggestions that are both helpful and practical.

Not to be ignored are the following criteria:

The wipe, like any other infant care and cleaning product, must satisfy specific quality requirements in order to be sold. Although most wipes are labeled as “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologically tested,” these claims, as well as those stating that they are “paraben and fragrance free,” are often deceptive. Be aware that wipes may cause issues with the endocrine system, the liver, and the reproductive system in infants. So use caution while purchasing one. Choosing the Pigeon baby products is perfect there.

What about environmentally friendly wipes and washable wipes?

A more dependable kind of wipe is an organic wipe, since its components are guaranteed to be 100 percent natural. Chemicals like parabens, alcohol, perfume, and phenoxyethanol, which are known to be detrimental to a baby’s health, are absent from this formula. As a result of their biodegradable and ecological properties, these wipes provide the added benefit of preserving the well-being of the infant while also safeguarding the surrounding environment.

When it comes to washable wipes, keep in mind that they are softer and more nutritious than other kinds of wipes. You may choose from a variety of fabrics, including hemp and terry cloth. It effectively cleans and dries the infant because of its double-sided design. Washable wipes, as the name implies, are re-usable and very cost-effective options.

cosmetics 1024x682 - What Kind of Baby Wipes You Would Choose Now?

Right Deals Here

Despite their convenience, disposable wipes have not seen a significant increase in recent years. The existence of phenoxyethanol, a preservative that is also known by the trade name EGphE, in the company’s goods is in issue here. Young children are believed to be at risk for not just eye irritation but also liver and blood illnesses as a result of this chemical. A warning from the National Agency for Medicines and Health Product Safety (ANSM) was issued in June 2012 in regards to this. The organisation therefore advised against using this kind of treatment for the baby’s seat since, even after being washed, the phenoxyethanol would have time to enter the skin and cause irritation. Furthermore, the content in all other cosmetics should be lowered to 0.4 percent, according to the expert (against 1 percent currently authorized).

About the Research

A research conducted by the 60 million consumers group a few weeks ago showed that more than a dozen items on the market still contained phenoxyethanol, despite the fact that the warning had been issued less than a year before. So be cautious while you’re buying! If you are unsure if EGphE is present or absent, keep an eye out for it before making your decision.

Aside from that, watch out for the possibility of psychosis! In order to continue using disposable baby wipes, be sure to do it somewhere other than on the seat, which is a particularly vulnerable region of your loulou. You may still use them for your little daily cleaning chores, or you can machine wash them and use them as a tiny cloth afterwards.

Washable baby wipes: a solution that may be difficult to handle at times?

When confronted with official advice, some moms have been tempted to use washable wipes as an alternative. If you are also contemplating this option, be sure to stock up on supplies!

best liver disease medicine in Malaysia

How Can We Prevent Liver Disease?

Liver disease is a common disease that you can hear every time you go for hospital check-ups and that is why doctors and nurses will always advise you to look closely at what you eat and make sure it does not bring harm to you and your organs.

The liver is necessary for digestion and the removal of toxins from the body. Liver disease can be passed down via families (genetic). A range of things that harm the liver, such as infections, alcohol consumption, and obesity, can potentially cause liver issues. Sometimes the food or things that you consume might become toxins as soon as it gets into your body. Apart from consuming the best liver disease medicine in Malaysia, these are the things that you should consider doing if you want to have a healthy liver.

liver medicines 1024x648 - How Can We Prevent Liver Disease?

Eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet.

You are what you eat. If you eat healthy food, you will be healthy. Not eating healthy food and in a big amount will lead you to obesity which will be the main problem of your heart and liver. This is because excess weight can result in a potentially dangerous fat accumulation in the liver. Symptoms of fatty liver disease are uncommon. It might start with abnormal liver blood tests and develop to cirrhosis. If you are overweight, strive to shed excess weight gradually by food and exercise.

Avoid abuse of alcohol.

If you do use alcohol, restrict how much you consume and how frequently you consume it. You increase your risk if you have more than two drinks per day if you are a man, or more than one if you are a woman. A glass of wine, a 12-ounce can of beer, or a 1.5-ounce dose of hard liquor is considered a drink. If you have liver illness, you should not consume any alcohol. It is better to stop at all because drinking alcohol is not giving you any benefits but will only add toxins to your body and harm your liver.

Go to regular medical check-ups.

Liver is an internal organ that you cannot see with your bare eyes unless you check through x-rays or scans. Going for medical check-ups will give you a heads up of what is happening inside you. Even if you don’t feel the effect physically, it might slowly damage your organ and has a high fatality risk. If you know what is happening inside your body, you will start to learn more about it and start a healthy lifestyle. Go to a medical check-up twice a year and be aware of your own body.

Quit smoking.

This is important because there are more people smoking than drinking alcohol. Both will be toxins as soon as it gets into your body; lungs, liver, heart, stomach. Yes, smoking will increase the risk for you to get a stomach ulcer. It hurts and in some cases if it is not treated early, it will lead to serious pain and death.

Love your body and take a serious care of your external and internal organs which at the same time will aid with better mental health. 

24c4b0e52647b0684053fce9df44fd6c - Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil – Catalyst VCO

Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil – Catalyst VCO

24c4b0e52647b0684053fce9df44fd6c - Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil – Catalyst VCO

Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil – Catalyst VCO

  • Unique ID: #1465
  • Price: RM39.90
  • Location: SELANGOR
  • Date: 19 February 2013 at 8:09 PM
  • Expires in: 175 days, 12 hours, 30 min


keluaran Catalyst :

Untuk kegunaan luaran :
Dapat membantu mengurangkan berat badan .
Menghasilkan tenaga segera&sentiasa segar
Melembut dan mengurangkan kekeringan dan kekenduran kulit
Sangat bagus untuk masalah jerawat&jeragat serta parut2 lama
Mengatasi masalah kulit berminyak

Untuk kegunaan dalaman :
Mencegah risiko penyakit jantung&kadar kolestrol yg tinggi
Memperbaiki pencernaan dan penyerapan vitamin dan asid amino
Melegakan pernafasan
Melawaskan pembuangan air besar dan air kecil
Mengurangkan keadaan mudah lapar
Melancarkan kitaran haid& menyeimbangkan hormon
Sebagai agen pelincir dalam hubungan suami-isteri
Selain untuk kaum wanita, VCO ini juga sesuai diamalkan oleh kaum Lelaki. So, apakah khasiat nyer…meh tgk kat bawah nie :-
meningkatkan tenaga dan daya tahan fizikal dan mental
memperbaiki pencernaan dan penyerapan vitamin-vitamin dan asid amino
melancarkan sekresi insulin dan pengaliran glukosa darah serta mengurangkan risiko diabetes
mengurangkan stress pada pankreas dan sistem-sistem enzim dalam tubuh
meningkatkan penyerapan kalsium dan magnesium untuk tulang dan gigi yang kuat.
melindungi diri dari serangan osteoprosis (proses pereputan tulang)
mencegah risiko sakit jantung
mencegah atherosclerosis (penyempitan saluran darah akibat lemak terkumpul) dan strok
membantu menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi

Kebaikan Dan Kegunaan

1. Stretch mark cream – VCO sangat bagus dalam melembabkankulit yang rosak. Ia tidaklah menghalang kewujudan stretch mark tetapi meminimumkan kemunculan stretch mark itu.

2. Nipple cream – titiskan pada bebola kapas, sapukan dibahagian nipple yg luka dan tinggalkan diantara selang waktu menyusu. Tidak perlu dibilas kerana ia selamat utk terus dihisap oleh bayi.

3. Diaper salve – bayi yang mengalami ruam lampin boleh la disapukan dengan vco kerana ia memberikan keselesaan pada bahagian yg terkena ruam. Ia juga selamat utk bayi yg menggunakan cloth diaper.

4. Cradle cap (tahi sawan) – masalah kulit kepala bayi berkerak? Vco mampu menyingkirkan kerak tersebut dan melembapkan kulit kepala bayi. Caranya ialah dengan menyapukan sesudu minyak kelapa dara setiap hari.

5. Body scrub – campurkan vco dan gula dan sapukan keseluruh badan. Bilas dan rasa kelembapan kulit anda!

icon smile - Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil – Catalyst VCO

Jadi, jangan risau untuk consume VCO dari Catalyst Nutraceutical, sebab kandungannya yang 100% dari bahan semulajadi. So, memang sesuai dan baik untuk ibu dan baby 

VCO Baik Untuk Ibu
Ibu mengandung,ibu menyusu (BF),sedang berpantang boleh mknvco ke????… Ada side effect tak????…
JAWAPANNYA :- BOLEH…. Tiada side effect untuk kandungan,kesihatan juga bayi. 100% dari minyak kelapa dara Gred A dan ada juga few momies yang berkongsi vco merupakan MILK BOOSTER mereka.

Vco kan membekalkan tenaga,membuat kita kelihatan lebih ceria dan insya allah memudahkan bersalin.(Pengambilan minyak kelapa merupakan antara petua utk memudahkan proses kelahiran.) Ia juga boleh mengelakkan jaundice kepada baby. Masalah perut berparut atau strechmark dapat dikurangkan dengan menyapu vco.

Baby akan mendapat khasiat vco dalam masa yang sama untuk kulit yang putih bersih. Sapukan vco untuk rambut baby supaya cepat tumbuh. Kandungan asid laurik dalam vco sangat baik untuk mencegah virus dan bakteria untuk menyerang ibu dan anak.

Tiada pantang/bentan. Jadikan vco sebagai makanan tambahan anda setiap hari. Badan akan sentiasa bertenaga untuk menjaga anak kecil dan yang penting kulit sentiasa lembab dan tidak kering. Anda juga boleh ambil collagen sewaktu menyusukan dan dalam tempoh berpantang. TIADA MASALAH!!!!!…..