Sago Palm Pest and Disease Management 1 - The Palm Story

The Palm Story

The Palm Story

How much do you know about tropical tree? If you are interested in knowing more about the nature, then you should definitely not miss this.

Let me tell you one thing, the purpose of growing tropical tree, it actually gives us a lot of different resources in our daily life. For example, the tree provides us unlimited writing paper, tissues, plastic bag, and all other natural resources as well. Some frozen food has palm oil in them too. You can take a walk through the palm oil plantation to see how it looks like.

One of the main natural resources from our local, it will be the palm tree. I am not sure about your country, but as a Malaysian, palm tree is the top three of natural resources we are proud to have in our country, and also supply to other countries as well.

Nowadays, the agriculture e-commerce is expanding its business more and more, well, it actually was famous since long time ago, but recently these few years is getting more known by the market.

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In Malaysian, there are more natural resources available in Malaysia besides of palm tree, palm oil, anything that relate to palm. There are more natural resources from Malaysia such as the fuel we pumped for our car, timber from the natural trees in the forest, and also the rubber from the palm tree.

One more thing, most of our natural resources are from the east side of Malaysia, which is the Borneo area, Sabah and Sarawak. These places have bigger area for the natural resources. For the west area in Malaysia, which is the middle part of the map, has been created for the tourism purpose.

To sum up, Malaysia provides us full of natural resources, plus, the weather of Malaysia is considering one of the best weather I would prefer for long-term stay. Malaysia weather unlike any other country, you will not need to worry about any natural disaster, or constant weather changing. Living in Malaysia, every day is summer. Buy organic fertiliser malaysia to have the healthier life of yours!

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