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Myths About Branding: What’s The Truth?

Branding is the creative process of building an image for the people. When we hear branding, we often pair it up with the words advertising or marketing. Branding is only a process of marketing and advertising is simply a component of branding.

Branding encompasses how people view a particular brand. Whether they perceive it as exciting, or sophisticated, depends on the branding effort of the communications team and marketing teams. The process is also a lot more complex than one may anticipate. It is not a one-day effort. Branding takes consistent actions to deliver measurable results. It also takes multiple approaches and a holistic effort to build the perception, brand salience, and recognition in individuals.

A lot of us are in the dark when it comes to the nature of branding and what it actually is. There are so many misconceptions about the process and the things involved in branding. The misconceptions are not only reserved for the common audience. Many small business owners and even experienced CEOs make these common mistakes when it comes to branding. They hold an unjustified belief of what branding agency Malaysia and the rest of the world do. Today, we will debunk some of the myths about branding!

Myth: Branding Is The Same As Advertising, Marketing, Communications

Many use the word marketing, branding, and advertising as the same word. A marketer may know the difference but the rest of the world may not. The words are so interrelated and used with one another that people don’t understand how to differentiate between the words. Marketing is a holistic process. Branding is part of this process. The efforts of branding involve marketing and communication and advertising. We need communication to brand. We need billboard ads to brand. We need flyers to send out the message and so on.

Myth: Word Of Mouth Is Enough To Create A Brand Image

Word of mouth is a form of marketing to develop provide value to individuals. Word of mouth is important to branding and the purpose of branding is to cultivate the brand image. If we have a negative word of mouth, the brand associations also may be negative. Word of mouth is not enough to create a solid brand image that lasts a long time. Consistent branding effort is needed to maintain the WOM and promote the brand.

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Myth: Branding Is A Lot Of Money

Branding does not always require a lot of money. It can cost a lot of money if you are performing in-depth research on customers and conducting market research. The key to any branding is listening to what your customers have to say. It is about understanding the current position of the brand and what your customers perceive your brand to be. If what we are aiming for is not what customers are perceiving, then we need some flexibility and changes in the branding approach. But of course, in today’s day and time, the research does not entirely have to be so expensive. You can listen and monitor what your customers are saying through social media. You can analyze and obtain insights on various marketing campaigns and how they helped the brand image. You can understand the discrepancies between your branding mission and the current position.

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