IndiaTv96115b CaraDelevingne - Lingerie: how to choose the right one?

Lingerie: how to choose the right one?

Although it is not in sight, the lingerie must also be the right one so that the rest of the garments feel good to the body. Today here are the tips so as not to make mistakes when buying your underwear.

It is essential to choose the correct kedai alatan seks lingerie, this fact despite seeming insignificant can help to totally change the figure.

1. Obligatory to prove yourself.

IndiaTv96115b CaraDelevingne - Lingerie: how to choose the right one?

You should never buy lingerie without trying it on, just like with a mesh. In the case of bodices it is important that the size is exact even if you must try on 20, many times you hit the size of the cup but the contour is tight or vice versa, try everything you need. The bottom can be measured with your undergarment on, this way you make sure it is not too tight and then it is marked on the garments you are wearing. Before buying several of the same model, buy one, it will verify its quality after washing it and if it is good you can come back for more.

2. Investment.

Underwear is much more important in shaping the figure than you think. Therefore it is important to invest in quality underwear that feels good and does not wear easily. A good piece of underwear can totally change your figure.

A bodice should: in the case of underwiring, pick up the entire bust, the straps should never fit or be loose, the breasts should fill the cups, the central part should touch the skin and settle to the torso. You can choose that they are made of soft lycra-type fabrics so that the clothes slide and do not form wrinkles. Padded bodices are ideal for concealing pronounced nipples. You also have models such as sports for those who have a lot of bust or tend to exercise, 18plus  models to use with shirts with very thin straps or without straps, push up models for sagging breasts, and many more variants so that you can adjust to your needs regarding your body or event.

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