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condo with kl tower 1950x1050 - Best Investment Solutions With gombak apartment Now

Best Investment Solutions With gombak apartment Now

You have found a tenant, so a good investment! No, unfortunately it is not that simple. Do not just count yourself rich, because the loan also has to be paid off. So what is smart investing? Don’t get yourself too deep in debt. You can prevent this by ensuring that the monthly payment is lower or at least equal to the generated rental income. The notary costs must then also be charged, which are added to when you purchase a property. Smart investing is ensuring that you have a good return at the end of the journey.

Get to know the market

What are the current selling prices? What do tenants want from a home? What efforts should we definitely make? Anyone who wants to invest successfully in real estate must first and foremost get to know the market. A real estate agent can assist you in this. For example, you can get advice on the Flemish Housing Quality Standards that you must meet. What kind of properties is most popular with tenants and much more. For gombak apartment this is important.

Take the cadastral income into account

Cadastral income (KI) plays a role in the registration fees to be paid. Rental income is not taxed, but you do pay forty percent of the indexed cadastral income annually in taxes on your second gombak condo.

Rent for at least five years

If you sell the home again within five years of the purchase, you have to pay a capital gains tax of approximately 16.7 percent on the difference between the purchase and resale price. That is a lot, so you would do well to keep the property and rent it out for at least five years. Ask a real estate agent about the type of rental contract, are you going for a short-term contract or the 3-6-9 contract.

Find good tenants

A landlord may only ask a prospective tenant those questions that are necessary to determine whether the candidate will be able to meet his tenant obligations.

A real estate agent can conduct a more thorough screening so that your property gets the tenant it deserves. Unfortunately, sooner or later almost every landlord will have to deal with problems with tenants. Even if you have a very thorough screening done beforehand. It is important that you do not do it all yourself, let yourself be guided by a professional. They are familiar with how to deal with tenant problems so that damage is kept to a minimum.

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jeff sheldon 9SyOKYrq rE unsplash 1950x1050 - Myths About Branding: What’s The Truth?

Myths About Branding: What’s The Truth?

Branding is the creative process of building an image for the people. When we hear branding, we often pair it up with the words advertising or marketing. Branding is only a process of marketing and advertising is simply a component of branding.

Branding encompasses how people view a particular brand. Whether they perceive it as exciting, or sophisticated, depends on the branding effort of the communications team and marketing teams. The process is also a lot more complex than one may anticipate. It is not a one-day effort. Branding takes consistent actions to deliver measurable results. It also takes multiple approaches and a holistic effort to build the perception, brand salience, and recognition in individuals.

A lot of us are in the dark when it comes to the nature of branding and what it actually is. There are so many misconceptions about the process and the things involved in branding. The misconceptions are not only reserved for the common audience. Many small business owners and even experienced CEOs make these common mistakes when it comes to branding. They hold an unjustified belief of what branding agency Malaysia and the rest of the world do. Today, we will debunk some of the myths about branding!

Myth: Branding Is The Same As Advertising, Marketing, Communications

Many use the word marketing, branding, and advertising as the same word. A marketer may know the difference but the rest of the world may not. The words are so interrelated and used with one another that people don’t understand how to differentiate between the words. Marketing is a holistic process. Branding is part of this process. The efforts of branding involve marketing and communication and advertising. We need communication to brand. We need billboard ads to brand. We need flyers to send out the message and so on.

Myth: Word Of Mouth Is Enough To Create A Brand Image

Word of mouth is a form of marketing to develop provide value to individuals. Word of mouth is important to branding and the purpose of branding is to cultivate the brand image. If we have a negative word of mouth, the brand associations also may be negative. Word of mouth is not enough to create a solid brand image that lasts a long time. Consistent branding effort is needed to maintain the WOM and promote the brand.

jeff sheldon 9SyOKYrq rE unsplash 1 1024x768 - Myths About Branding: What’s The Truth?

Myth: Branding Is A Lot Of Money

Branding does not always require a lot of money. It can cost a lot of money if you are performing in-depth research on customers and conducting market research. The key to any branding is listening to what your customers have to say. It is about understanding the current position of the brand and what your customers perceive your brand to be. If what we are aiming for is not what customers are perceiving, then we need some flexibility and changes in the branding approach. But of course, in today’s day and time, the research does not entirely have to be so expensive. You can listen and monitor what your customers are saying through social media. You can analyze and obtain insights on various marketing campaigns and how they helped the brand image. You can understand the discrepancies between your branding mission and the current position.

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tyler franta iusJ25iYu1c unsplash 1950x1050 - Branding Yourself As A Freelance Writer

Branding Yourself As A Freelance Writer

So you quit your dull corporate job to work as a freelance writer? Or are you contemplating to do so?

Well, welcome aboard! 

We all have been partially guilty of rethinking our job choices and beginning our freelance journey. Freelance work is great as a side hustle or even as a full-time business. There are many freelance writers around the world specializing in various niches. Writing is not all they do. They also do their own marketing and branding of themselves. Freelancers are normally all in one kind of people.

And sometimes the overwhelming tasks of a freelancer can take us back to our starting point. Wishing we had the same corporate job. My advice as a blogger? Don’t jump into the world of freelance writing unless you are ready to brand yourself.

As freelance writers, it is our job to make sure we are recognized in both the SEO world and the real world, according to the voice of our blog or writings. That’s when we realize we truly made it. There are some tips ab=nd expert advice from your favorite branding company and freelance writers that we must take to heart before embarking on this journey.

Choose A Profitable Niche 

Niches are important, especially profitable ones. We make the mistake of choosing niches that people are no longer giving attention to and are interested in and expect success. Niches are chosen to ensure that your blog or writing becomes a service and an informational space for others. Are you someone who loves to write about travel? If travel blogging is profitable, it is a worthy niche for you to write about. 

But niches don’t also have a general topic. You can also specialize in a specific niche to fight for a spot in the saturated market. If you are an enthusiastic diver who enjoys travels, then maybe you can talk about the diving spots around the world.

hannah olinger NXiIVnzBwZ8 unsplash 684x1024 - Branding Yourself As A Freelance Writer

Get A Social Media Presence 

Being a freelance writer means you are also your own marketer and social media manager. Your social media is crucial to your efforts to brand yourself as a competent freelance writer. Many clients reach out to freelancers through social media. They ask for direct messages and are willing to have a conversation with you on social media. So the type of presence you have, the type of content you post, the links you have to your social media are all very crucial.

This is the first thing your client sees and they seek the voice and personality you have presented on your social media. So be careful of how and why you post on social media. Make sure to have an engaging voice on your social, and represent the voice of your writing. 

Guest Post And Get Backlinks 

Guest blogging is the act of writing blog posts as guest writers for other websites. You write about the best coffee shop in Malaysia and ask them for a feature on the coffee shop’s website or get them to post your blog on their website. This is a backlink to your site. The more backlinks you have the more relevant you are on the search engine and the more you attract potential clients. 

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3 Stress-Relieving Activities We Need To Try Out

On this very day when we almost prioritize our jobs and commitment over any other things in the world, we can definitely get burnout and deterioration from time to time. Notwithstanding the importance of hard work for the betterment of our livelihood, it is also equally significant to take into account our mental wellbeing. The constant pressure can potentially put not only our physical health but also mental health at stake. Therefore, be mindful. Here are three leisure activities we can consider taking up which can help to release our stress : 

2qnLOAlNSE6QZJ921TGF stress release 1024x683 - 3 Stress-Relieving Activities We Need To Try Out

Write Something On Your Journal

I am not suggesting you write an extensive lengthy essay in which you have to submit to your university’s professor. Initiate a journaling habit where you find comfort jotting down any happenings you have gone through throughout the day; what are your thoughts and feelings; what you wish to improve on; what are you looking forward to in general. Writing makes us improve our ability to express ourselves. If you started to be fond of writing, you may consider sharing your work to gain wider exposure, provided you are comfortable having your articles read by people. 


If you are looking forward to working out more to start a healthy lifestyle but despise being sweaty because that makes you feel utterly uncomfortable, swimming is one amazing alternative. This activity allows you to make full use of all parts of your body but at the same time, does not make you feel sweaty though your body is wet from being under the water. Should you already master all the basics of swimming and planning on taking it to a more serious level, scuba packages malaysia offers professional scuba diving lessons in many locations. 

Make Yourself A Meal

You may consider this as unnecessary when we can literally just order in our favorite fast-food, what is the point of making a mess in the kitchen when there are more convenient alternatives? While I totally agree with your point, being able to prepare our own meals from scratch gives us a sense of achievement once we are done. This is because we get to put our entire attention on our progress rather than constantly thinking about our work which is left undone. Do not be insecure with your cooking before you even try getting into it, most of us are beginners in the initial stage and practice is what gives us improvement. Therefore, make yourself a meal today, and share it with your loved ones, and see what they think. 

Bottom Line

Always take your time off your busy routine no matter how crucial the work is, we all deserve a break for the betterment of our physical and mental well-being. Long story short, start taking care of yourself today because nobody else will.

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touch screen social marketing - Top 3 Social Marketing Services In Malaysia

Top 3 Social Marketing Services In Malaysia

With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle has changed as smartphones, computers and the internet are the most important parts of our lives. Whether it’s watching a video from the 1950s to establishing a company for online business, modern technology has allowed us to have freedom to do what we can do with minimal restrictions. With the threat of COVID-19 becoming more prevalent, almost everyone is forced to stay inside to prevent the spread of the virus even further. During this time, most of us are bored browsing through our usual selection of videos and social media platforms that we would have thought of breaking the SOP to find entertainment outside of our home. However, social media can also be used to help those who are in need by establishing their own companies online. If one seeks to open a company but lacks the skill, who should they approach to become more noticeable? Here are the 3 social marketing companies in Malaysia that will make your company more attractive.

Shock Media Studio offers some of the best Malaysia social media marketing services as they are considered as the best social marketing companies in Malaysia. They have members with over a decade worth of digital marketing experience before working with Shock Media Studio, making them one of the most reliable social marketing companies. They also have major companies such as Listerine, Borders, Celcom and Padini as their clients, which further enhance their credibility.

If you are looking to create a sleek, beautiful and minimalistic website, Jumix Design will meet or might even exceed your expectations with their designs. Jumix Design has worked on designing some of the most minimalistic but attractive web designs on the internet.

If you are a gamer, then you would recognize or at least heard of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Jumix Design has collaborated with its developer, Moonton, to design advertisements and products during their event, 515 Unite, that is held in multiple locations in Malaysia. Despite establishing in 2014, they have won multiple awards especially by Clutch for Top Digital Agencies in 2020.

And finally, we have Forelogix Digital and the youngest one in this list. Established in 2015, Forelogix Digital has earned its spot at the top with its fellow social marketing companies as it earned the favor of multiple major companies like Domino’s Pizza, Johnson & Johnson and Harvard Medical School. If you are aiming to develop a mobile app, Forelogix Digital will also lend their hand to help you develop the perfect mobile app that would suit your needs.

And that’s the top 3 social marketing companies in Malaysia! Filled with young, innovative and creative designers, these companies will always continue meeting their clients’ expectations as they are always up-to-date with the current trend. As a newly established company, it is important to create an attractive brand logo and websites that will immediately catch social media users’ attentions to ensure that your business will continue to attract more potential customers.

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Laptop forex - The Hope and Despair of Forex Trading

The Hope and Despair of Forex Trading

With the resurgence of coronavirus lately, most businessmen are struggling to generate income as they are either paid a lesser amount than usual or let go by their companies as they are not able to generate enough income to pay all of their employees. During their free time, businessmen are able to generate income through another method which is called foreign exchange, or forex for short. As the biggest trading market in the world, forex allows anyone to invest into stocks that would potentially give them a bigger return. Most businessmen who use forex trading tend to use it as a way to generate more income in addition to their current work while some would make their entire career out of investing into stocks provided that they have plenty of money. But, how does one start their life as a forex trader?

In order to start trading, one must affiliate themselves with a legal broker association to ensure that their operations are legitimate and safe. FXTM is the top forex trader Malaysia according to Forex Malaysia. What makes FXTM stand out among its competitors is the flexibility that it offers to their traders as it has multiple accounts including demo accounts to allow their traders to test certain aspects of the forex market while receiving more returns from better margin trading when they open accounts that are eligible to certain types of margin trading. According to the code of conduct by Global Fx, all forex brokers must disclose their operations to their traders to ensure that their money is in safe hands while properly educating traders the process of their operations. One of the major issues with brokers however is the potential of being affiliated with non-registered and illegal brokers. Considering how popular and large the forex market is, scammers are using this opportunity to offer attractive promises and benefits to uneducated traders. 

With the advancement of technology, a trader can access the forex market through their smartphones thanks to these brokers who created apps to grant traders an easier access to their services which also allows them to easily view the change in the market easily on their smartphones anytime and anywhere. Additionally, forex traders are able to react quickly to the change in the market that allows them to efficiently invest into the market without wasting too much of their time and money. However, no matter how experienced a trader is, they can easily be tempted by greed when they are able to receive a positive return from their investment which could lead them to invest more money into other stocks. Due to its volatile nature, the forex market can change on a whim from any circumstances and in some cases, completely cause the stock of one of the companies to crash and wasting all of their investors money. Because of that, most investors tend to avoid forex trading as much as possible no matter how tempting it is to imagine the potential of receiving huge returns from their investments. 

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christina wocintechchat com faEfWCdOKIg unsplash 1950x1050 - How To Get Over The Fear Of Starting A New Business

How To Get Over The Fear Of Starting A New Business

 Starting a business can be very daunting.

Investing in your first desired product, indulging in on your savings, the fear of failure is like a pendulum clock in our heart. What if the business fails/ what if I lose all of my savings? What if I don’t break even? 

What if?

It is a lot of what if’s. Whether we are investing our time and money in a dropshipping business model or a binary system mlm, the uncertainties are all real. But there are some ways we can go about mitigating some of these intense fears that are hindering our progress. 

docusign HEOMIp2FXKE unsplash 1 1024x683 - How To Get Over The Fear Of Starting A New Business
  1. Research Is Your Best Friend 

Most of our fear comes from complete uncertainty. We are either recently out of a job or looking for a side hustle and business happens to be the least of our expertise. But we all have to start from somewhere right? Our uncertainties will only increase with the lack of knowledge of the industry. Research your way into the business in the beginning, instead of jumping straight into hot water. You can read books, case studies, research papers, join business forums and groups for research purposes. When we read, we learn. The following step would be to apply what we learn. While we cannot learn everything from theory, we can have a foundation from the theoretical aspects. 

  1. Talk To Industry Leaders Or Other Competitors

Your best advice comes from the competitors of your industry. They have failed multiple times before tasting success. Some may hesitate to give you any advice, especially if you are in the same niche. However,r if your demographics are different or perhaps the business model is different as well, they will be willing to open up to you. What they learn they can pass on to you. Make sure to reach out to your industry fellows and partake in some friendly mentorship along the way. 

  1. Identify Your Business Objectives

Every business must have an objective. Objectives help us align our goals with the resources we have. It helps us prioritize according to the needs of the business. 

Objectives not only help measure the progression but it helps you to stay focused. When you have a chosen set of goals you can keep coming to these sets of objectives to stay motivated. It is easy to get lost in the competition and stray from the initial goals.  

  1. Understand Your Target Market

What is your target market? What does your primary target audience do? What do they dress like? What do they eat? How do they consume? What do they prioritize in their shopping journey? Your target market cannot be everyone unless your product is very general. Your business should have a prior demographic profile so that you can keep advertising to a profitable audience instead of spending your resources on everyone. Taking on all of the audience can make starting your business even more daunting than it already is. 

  1. Start Getting Comfortable With Your Fear 

Your fear is not your enemy. It should be your fuel. Your fear indicates that you care. Your fear also helps you become more cautious which is necessary when running a business. However, your fear becomes the enemy when it prevents you from taking the first steps. Start getting comfortable in situations that can possibly make you squirmy and uncertain. Not everything needs a definite answer. Sometimes it is a lot of trial and error and we should be prepared for the fear of uncertainty the process carries. 

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5 Best Digital Platforms For Independent Music Promotion

Do you love music? Ever dream of getting big in the music industry like other artists and composers who started from scratch until stardom? If you are a hustler who loves challenges and has the patience to build your musical empire, here are the five best digital platforms for independent music promotion. Practicing your promotion or marketing knowledge from social media companies Malaysia will give you no trouble at all to spread your creative works across the globe.

  1. Soundcloud

Do not be fooled by the ‘news feed’ design of the homepage, because this distribution platform has heralded a wide majority of both established major artists and rising talents, for example, XXXTentacion who uploaded his music back in 2013. The world’s top audio distribution was founded in 2007 with the longstanding giant being a free-streaming perspective where hidden talents around the world share their music compositions using its sociability and shareability features. Soundcloud is like a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram – they have a repost/favorite/playlist option and followers/group communities to support the artist or composer, which expands the reach. If you are up for a go-to free music release, go for Soundcloud. 

  1. Youtube

This is pretty much a piece of common knowledge, but artists like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were hailed on Youtube! The American online video-sharing platform provides a vast amount of exposure to organize playlists, showcase your music and even interact with your fans by uploading videos behind the scenes for your studio to feed their curiosity. When the algorithm allows it or you are smart to get your music up the recommendation feed, the “Browse Channels” can help you to boost your channel or videos in the “Creators on the rise” or “Popular on Youtube” section.

  1. iTunes

Reigning under Apple, iTunes is the monster of music mecca. For an independent musician like you who would like to provide your fans to make a purchase of your music, uploading your creative works on iTunes will be your recommended method although it does require tolerance and endurance to make it work. In the end, the brand name recognition would be enough to win more fans.

  1. Reddit

Do you not expect Reddit to be on this list? The interactive platform allows you to communicate with your customers, in this case, it is the perfect opportunity to get up and personal with your fans while building your brand. Introduce yourself by creating and sharing your website so that your music tracks are out there and you can interact with your fanbase. One thing about Reddit users is their criticisms that are not filtered, therefore leave room for feedbacks to take into consideration.

  1. Website

You need a brand website if you would like to promote your music. You can control your music, your content, and brand image to hook your fans or promoters into getting a memorable first impression. By promoting your music online, you are able to list out your tour dates, news, contact details, and many more.

unnamed 3 - Why Choose A Fully Furnished Condo To Buy

Why Choose A Fully Furnished Condo To Buy

Nowadays, there are different types of properties to choose from. Aside from the usual type of properties like an apartment, condo and so on, you can also buy in different conditions like you can buy an unfurnished or furnished property. Yes, and in fact, if you check online, you can see that there are now a number of developers who sell their properties with appliances already. 

unnamed 3 - Why Choose A Fully Furnished Condo To Buy

So, are you looking for a condo for rent Bandar Utama? What would you rather have? Would you choose a furnished or an unfurnished property? In this page, you will learn about the many benefits of choosing a property that is with complete appliances already. Check this out:

  • Choosing a furnished Bandar Utama condo for rent will free you from the hassle of bringing in appliances from your old place. It can even end up more expensive since you might want to hire a removalist in the process to make the move possible. And we all know how costly hiring movers are. At the same time, there is also a chance of your appliances getting damaged while in transit. 
  • If you are moving to a new place that is already furnished, you can just sell your old things and the move will be less stressful and even quicker at that. Besides, for sure you want new things for your new place and the seller has already prepared that for you. Most of the time, when a condo is already furnished, the items they will use are high-end and chosen by professional designers. In fact, they are also the ones who fit the condo so the result is really great, like one of those you can see in home magazines. 
  • If you are planning to have the condo rented, you will really benefit a lot if you choose a furnished one. In such a way, the process of finding a tenant will not only be easier, but also be quicker. Your tenant might also love the idea of staying in a fashionable condo with elegant appliances. After all, the new generation today just love good things. 
  • There will be no need for you to spend time shopping for things to fill your new rental property which can take a lot of your precious time and can even end you up buying them in a more expensive manner. That is right since you are only buying a few things. Unlike with the seller that he is probably buying for the entire condo and that means, there is a good chance for him to get the appliances in better prices. 

One should take advantage of the fact that there are different ways now to buy a property. Thus, you should dig more about each offer so you can compare it to your situation and see which one will suit best. You only need to weight your situation as well as the benefits of the offers as well as the setbacks. 

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venue - Say “I Do” In An Excellent Wedding Venue

Say “I Do” In An Excellent Wedding Venue

Do you want to marry abroad? Yes, you might want to tie the know while you are having your vacation or if you are from Malaysia, you might to say your “I do” in a romantic wedding venue in in this country as they have a lot to offer to make your big day an unforgettable one. Every person is supposed to walk the aisle only once under normal circumstance thus it is just right that this should be really well prepared. In fact, a lot of couple will spend about a year in preparing for this very special day. 

A wedding embarks a lot of beginnings and marks a lot of endings as well. This is the start of a union of two people who decide that they cannot live without each other thus they are willing to leave their families behind and leave together instead and of course, this is with the consent of both families. With such a crucial event, it is just right that this will be held in a special place as well and the ultimate malay wedding packages can offer you the best venue. They can offer one of the best hotels in Malaysia and in fact, you will find that their wedding venues are highly recommended. There should be a perfect spot for your wedding. 

venue - Say “I Do” In An Excellent Wedding Venue

You see, a wedding preparation can be really strenuous. There are so many aspects to deal with, so many vendors to talk to and so many things to prepare. If you are applying for a leave from work because you want to have an ample time in preparing for your wedding, you should do that to pamper yourself and not to be stressed. The thing is, if you won’t avail of a wedding package, if you have to be the one to deal with the wedding preparation, chances are you will really get stressed. It will be impossible not to as some of the vendors can be hard to deal with. 

As mentioned, you will only go through this phase once in your lifetime. And don’t assume right away that availing a wedding package will cost you a lot of money as there are times when it is actually the other way around. That is right as by availing a wedding package, mistakes are most unlikely and you will be delivered with everything that you want. At the same time, you won’t need to do anything anymore, pay for other services like for the flowers, decorations, venue, foods and still a lot more. Everything is consolidated in one vendor only and you can still negotiate the price like maybe asking for a discount. 

The bottom line when availing a wedding package is you will have peace of mind, the process is quite convenient and the comfortable. You can focus on enjoying your moment as this is a day that really needs to be enjoyed.

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