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Branding Yourself As A Freelance Writer

So you quit your dull corporate job to work as a freelance writer? Or are you contemplating to do so?

Well, welcome aboard! 

We all have been partially guilty of rethinking our job choices and beginning our freelance journey. Freelance work is great as a side hustle or even as a full-time business. There are many freelance writers around the world specializing in various niches. Writing is not all they do. They also do their own marketing and branding of themselves. Freelancers are normally all in one kind of people.

And sometimes the overwhelming tasks of a freelancer can take us back to our starting point. Wishing we had the same corporate job. My advice as a blogger? Don’t jump into the world of freelance writing unless you are ready to brand yourself.

As freelance writers, it is our job to make sure we are recognized in both the SEO world and the real world, according to the voice of our blog or writings. That’s when we realize we truly made it. There are some tips ab=nd expert advice from your favorite branding company and freelance writers that we must take to heart before embarking on this journey.

Choose A Profitable Niche 

Niches are important, especially profitable ones. We make the mistake of choosing niches that people are no longer giving attention to and are interested in and expect success. Niches are chosen to ensure that your blog or writing becomes a service and an informational space for others. Are you someone who loves to write about travel? If travel blogging is profitable, it is a worthy niche for you to write about. 

But niches don’t also have a general topic. You can also specialize in a specific niche to fight for a spot in the saturated market. If you are an enthusiastic diver who enjoys travels, then maybe you can talk about the diving spots around the world.

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Get A Social Media Presence 

Being a freelance writer means you are also your own marketer and social media manager. Your social media is crucial to your efforts to brand yourself as a competent freelance writer. Many clients reach out to freelancers through social media. They ask for direct messages and are willing to have a conversation with you on social media. So the type of presence you have, the type of content you post, the links you have to your social media are all very crucial.

This is the first thing your client sees and they seek the voice and personality you have presented on your social media. So be careful of how and why you post on social media. Make sure to have an engaging voice on your social, and represent the voice of your writing. 

Guest Post And Get Backlinks 

Guest blogging is the act of writing blog posts as guest writers for other websites. You write about the best coffee shop in Malaysia and ask them for a feature on the coffee shop’s website or get them to post your blog on their website. This is a backlink to your site. The more backlinks you have the more relevant you are on the search engine and the more you attract potential clients. 

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