5 Best Digital Platforms For Independent Music Promotion

Do you love music? Ever dream of getting big in the music industry like other artists and composers who started from scratch until stardom? If you are a hustler who loves challenges and has the patience to build your musical empire, here are the five best digital platforms for independent music promotion. Practicing your promotion or marketing knowledge from social media companies Malaysia will give you no trouble at all to spread your creative works across the globe.

  1. Soundcloud

Do not be fooled by the ‘news feed’ design of the homepage, because this distribution platform has heralded a wide majority of both established major artists and rising talents, for example, XXXTentacion who uploaded his music back in 2013. The world’s top audio distribution was founded in 2007 with the longstanding giant being a free-streaming perspective where hidden talents around the world share their music compositions using its sociability and shareability features. Soundcloud is like a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram – they have a repost/favorite/playlist option and followers/group communities to support the artist or composer, which expands the reach. If you are up for a go-to free music release, go for Soundcloud. 

  1. Youtube

This is pretty much a piece of common knowledge, but artists like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were hailed on Youtube! The American online video-sharing platform provides a vast amount of exposure to organize playlists, showcase your music and even interact with your fans by uploading videos behind the scenes for your studio to feed their curiosity. When the algorithm allows it or you are smart to get your music up the recommendation feed, the “Browse Channels” can help you to boost your channel or videos in the “Creators on the rise” or “Popular on Youtube” section.

  1. iTunes

Reigning under Apple, iTunes is the monster of music mecca. For an independent musician like you who would like to provide your fans to make a purchase of your music, uploading your creative works on iTunes will be your recommended method although it does require tolerance and endurance to make it work. In the end, the brand name recognition would be enough to win more fans.

  1. Reddit

Do you not expect Reddit to be on this list? The interactive platform allows you to communicate with your customers, in this case, it is the perfect opportunity to get up and personal with your fans while building your brand. Introduce yourself by creating and sharing your website so that your music tracks are out there and you can interact with your fanbase. One thing about Reddit users is their criticisms that are not filtered, therefore leave room for feedbacks to take into consideration.

  1. Website

You need a brand website if you would like to promote your music. You can control your music, your content, and brand image to hook your fans or promoters into getting a memorable first impression. By promoting your music online, you are able to list out your tour dates, news, contact details, and many more.

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